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SA Show Manager is closing down.


SA Show Manager is a system based out of Australia in partnership with Grant Muhl and Heather Muhl of 4 Avion Mews, Bon Cretion Street, Bonearo Park, Kempton Park

The many hours of customisation work done to enable the system to work in in South Africia was done at no cost, for the first year we covered the cost of hosting. Custom integration to the payment provider was done at no cost. Setting up email hosting and addresses was done at no cost.

For the past 12 months discount hosting was offered, this was more than half of the actual cost to us, over the past 4 months full cost hosting was charged.

Grant Muhl and Heather Muhl have not paid all the hosting costs and refuses to pay the outstanding amounts that we have paid in good faith on his behalf due to their 'Cash Flow' issues.

If you go into business with Grant Muhl and Heather Muhl ensure you are paid upfront, we took him as an honerable and trustworthy business partner but beware and don't get caught out like we did.